A Man About Style is More Than Just About Fashion

Lifestyle means expanding your knowledge and experiences from the influence of books, people, film and new adventures.  A man about style aims to take you on a tailored journey. 


A good product has its own voice. Amas believes that most great ideas create momentum; yet often needs an initial push and an infinite amount of consistency to become realized. Here's where you come in: we value your opinion and constantly work to become the very best at what we do. How can we assist your style today?

So, AMAS, what is this 'blog?'


Glad you asked! We are creating content that will benefit the whole of Seattle in their approach to fashion. Our media comes in many flavors, ranging from blog posts, to events, to multi media. Feel free to view our events and blog posts below, or navigate to the bottom of this section to our events and blog browsing portal.


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But AMAS, I Need an Example, What Can I Expect?

A great example is the book we are writing!

What is this book about? Glad you asked! A man about style the book is a comprehensive guide that will not only help the fashion challenged but the seasoned gentlemen. Through its relatable narrative it will teach you basic style tips and etiquette. If you know the rules you will then know how to break them. Whether you are a seasoned gentleman who needs some new ideas to stand out or the average Joe who wants to take the initiative there is something for you. So stay tuned... 


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