Who Are We Looking For

We enjoy a wide variety of people - fashion benefits when more people participate in making it better. If you don't find into the following, flip through the spin-box to other, and reach-out regardless.


We here at AMAS believe that a good product speaks for itself. We also believe that communication is a strange thing, and that it can be hard to get out an idea. We don't claim to be experts, but we do take an interesting take. We value your opinion, how can we help in this function? 

We can provide:

  • Giveaways & Contests
  • Product Reviews
  • Travel Sponsorship
  • Banner Ads
  • Organization/Charity Promotional


It is only lonely at the top if you don't bring anyone with you. Work with AMAS to create content that will enrich our communities. 

A Few Examples:

  • Photographers/Videographers  
  • Influencers 
  • Models 
  • Bloggers 
  • Stylists 


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