Astor By Blue Nile Diamond Event

Astor by Blue Nile Diamond 

Before Dawyne Carter invented the word "Bling Bling," human beings have always judged a diamond by how much it sparkles. If you aren't a rapper (or a woman who has scoured Pinterest for the perfect stone she one day hopes to receive), you may not know the factors that contribute to a desirable diamond. In short, it boils down to the Four C's.

Firstly, Carat is the big buzz word you most associate with the word diamond. A Carat is the measure of a diamond's weight. Then there is the cut. The quality of the cut is determined by the proportions, symmetry, and polish. These three factors affect the color of the stone. The closer to white or colorlessness the better. This leads us to the final C: clarity. Clarity is defined as how free a diamond is from inclusions (Imperfections in the stone). 


Now that know what you're looking for in a diamond, try Astor by Blue Nile. This collection is known for its sparkle. To achieve this luster, they hand select each diamond. They are then doubled certified by the two world leaders in light performance and diamond characteristics. The cut is the most critical factor in determining the sparkle of the diamond. Sparkle being measured as a diamond rocks back and forth so that every facet of the stone comes alive. All Astor diamonds are guaranteed to have no inclusions visible to the naked eye Because of the high standard regarding precious symmetry and proportion, only one in every 1,000 diamonds are chosen to be Astor diamonds. 

Whether you're looking for the perfect diamond to celebrate your mixtape going platinum or you want to satisfy the women who thought she already found the perfect diamond on Pinterest. An Astor by Blue Nile will not disappoint.    


Photogrphy by Vivian Hsu Photography