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The Ultimate Guide to hotel etiquette || The Sound Hotel

Travelers often expect a whole host of accommodations and amenities during their stay at a hotel. But it’s as much on the guest as it is hotel employees to foster a pleasant experience. In this weeks episode we visited the luxurious Sound Hotel. Thanks to Bryan Everly director or marketing and sales at the sound we give you a complete guide on proper hotel etiquette . We cover everything from how to get an upgrade, who to tip, and what not take from a room. Even those who would like to propose or be wed weren’t left out. With twenty plus years of industry knowledge we made sure no stone was left unturned.


The Sound offers an experience that’s always of the moment. It’s located between landmarks like the Space Needle and Pike Place Market, and down the street from iconic Seattle retailers like Nordstrom and REI. It’s around the corner from Amazon, while just steps away from legendary coffeehouses, museums, pubs and international dining. The Sound is both your central launch pad for adventure and a stylish, comfortable place to recharge when the day is over.


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