5 Ways To Wear Suits In Summer || Men's Fashion

5 Ways To Wear Suits In Summer || Men's Fashion

Today we will give you five suit looks that you can try this summer. All the suites featured are from J. Crew minus the linen suit (ZARA).

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Organized to the T || Tips on organization

In this short vlog. I share why I love collaborating with small business and entrepreneurs. In addition I was interviewed by fellow business owner Tenice Holman. Tenice owns organized to the T where she offers professional organization and interior styling. We had a fun conversation regarding organization and personal success tips. Enjoy

J. Crew Nike Kill Shot 2 || Review

This week we review the popular Nike Killshot 2 from J. Crew. As one of the most popular sneakers on the market we wanted to give you an honest review. In this episode we go over the pros and cons of the shoe and some styling advice. If you enjoy the video make sure to give us a like because we already know you are subscribed!


Where should you eat in Seattle || Frolik Kitchen + Cocktails

THIS POST IS SPONSORED BY Frolik Kitchen + Cocktails

Trying a new restaurant is always tricky even for the savviest of foodies. Lucky for you I have some friends who can help you answer that question. In this weeks episode we linked up with Conner Cayson from Find Me In Seattle and Chef Daniel Cox. He was a contestant on season 11 of Beat Bobby Flay on The Food Network. With over 10 years working in professional kitchens spanning from vegan to whole animal butchery. Not to mention the Executive Chef at Motif Hotel and Frolik Kitchen + Cocktails in Seattle, WA. Needless to say he knows food. Not to be out done Find Me In Seattle is a self made brand that is leading the way in Seattle business, food and lifestyle. Join us as we feast.



Located on the 5th floor of Motif Seattle, Frolik Kitchen + Cocktails is a true social experience featuring a spacious outdoor patio, fireplaces, ping pong tables and more. This creates an edgy yet stylish downtown Seattle environment that awakens the youthful spirit and releases the mischievous side in all of us. Frolik Kitchen+ Cocktails wakes up the traditional approach to Regional American food by adding a signature Northwest Pacific flair to every dish. Complementing our flavorful menu is an extensive list of local beer, wine, and handcrafted cocktails.


6 Tips to eating alone || Conversation Seattle

THIS POST IS SPONSORED BY Conversation Seattle

There has always been a stigma attached to people who are seen eating alone. So we at AMAS decided to give you some of our favorite reasons to dine solo. For this we decided to visit our friends over at Conversation Seattle. Join us as we dine at one of Seattles premier restaurants.


About Conversation Seattle

Helmed by Executive Chef Derek Simcik and Executive Pastry Chef Kate Sigel, Conversation provides a sensory experience through culinary offerings in a setting that reminds us of what’s most important. Take a break from running around in downtown Seattle (or escape a busy day at the Washington State Convention Center) and allow yourself to enjoy face-to-face time with the people who matter most in your life.

Inspired by Chef Derek’s international travels as a child, the restaurant menus at Conversation are a reflection of foods his family enjoyed together while abroad, reflecting his passion for pushing the boundaries of culinary creativity while still providing a sense of thoughtful nostalgia. 

Adding to the story, Chef Kate Sigel’s pastries and desserts bring a cleverly sweet perspective to the table while the design of our downtown Seattle restaurant provides guests with a captivating yet comfortable background for connection.

Take a seat. We can't wait to meet you.


Special Thanks:

Photographer: Flynnpnw

The Ultimate Guide to hotel etiquette || The Sound Hotel

Travelers often expect a whole host of accommodations and amenities during their stay at a hotel. But it’s as much on the guest as it is hotel employees to foster a pleasant experience. In this weeks episode we visited the luxurious Sound Hotel. Thanks to Bryan Everly director or marketing and sales at the sound we give you a complete guide on proper hotel etiquette . We cover everything from how to get an upgrade, who to tip, and what not take from a room. Even those who would like to propose or be wed weren’t left out. With twenty plus years of industry knowledge we made sure no stone was left unturned.


The Sound offers an experience that’s always of the moment. It’s located between landmarks like the Space Needle and Pike Place Market, and down the street from iconic Seattle retailers like Nordstrom and REI. It’s around the corner from Amazon, while just steps away from legendary coffeehouses, museums, pubs and international dining. The Sound is both your central launch pad for adventure and a stylish, comfortable place to recharge when the day is over.


Special Thanks.

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Photographer - FLYNN


How to buy gender neutral clothes

Finding clothes can be challenging on its own. Those shopping outside the binary construct find this task equally as difficult. With this in mind we linked up with personal shopper Tannya Bernadette from My Closet Edit. In this video we visit J. Crew, Anthropologie and Banana Republic while discussing different ways to build and style a gender neutral closet. Join us for the looks that worked and the looks that didn’t.

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The Art of Dating || Featuring Joli Seattle

A great date should have your personality hidden in the details. Remember you can't connect with someone if they're connecting with the fake you, so leave the posturing at home. Cherish the responsibility of choosing the activity, the company,  and the setting. You never know this could become your reality, well at least the sentiments. With the ingredients of  ambience and aesthetic one can create an environment of romance.  A moment that she will remember long after even if you aren’t “THE ONE. “ You don’t need a suit. Just  make sure to wear a smile.  If you do it right, it won’t matter how the bill is paid.  Besides she doesn’t need you for a free meal because at the end of the day we all just want something real. In the off chance you take an L, Make sure the foods good. “


Dinner For Two Give Away.

We understand even the seasoned dater needs an assist from time to time. From the first date to keeping love alive we got you! We have partnered with Joli Seattle to give you a dinning experience for two. Just follow the directions below. There is even an additional FREE Gift.

2019-03-11 at 6.56.33 PM.jpg
2019-03-11 at 6.53.46 PM.jpg
2019-03-11 at 6.52.41 PM (1).jpg

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Dinner For Two Giveaway || The Soundtrack

A Guide to Modern Philosophy.png

A dinner for two is a soulful expression of love. Enjoy our free gift for entering the dinner for two Giveaway at Joli coming soon. Click download and let the memories with you and yours begin - The AMAS Team

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Dj Joune IG: @Djjoune 

How to be fashionable during March Madness || Hillflint Review


Its that time of year when Cheryl in accounting is talking about colleges like North Dakota State being a cinderella and when most men get a vasectomy. Don’t worry we are not going down that road unless its the one that links Duke and UNC. Thats right we are talking March Madness and fashion. In this weeks episode we are reviewing collegiate apparel brand Hillflint. Time to trade in your old greek week t-shirts for a Hillflint sweater.


Special Thanks

photographer: FLYNNPNW


Comfortable Men's Underwear || Saxx's Underwear Review

If you are like most men you don't put much thought into your undergarments. In this episode we will give you a framework on what to look for when shopping for underwear. In addition to new found knowledge, menswear blogger Antonio Smith will stop by and help us review Saxx Underwear.

IMG_1832 2.JPG

The Mindset of Achievers || How To Get Ahead In 2019

Don’t live the same year 75 times and call it life. Many believe that success is reserved for the few, when many times success can be summarized by a few dozen fundamentals repeated over time. Knowing this AMAS wanted to give you a roadmap for the new year.

We enlisted the help of Motivational speaker, Author and Coach Bernard Bergan. His experience on the battle field have made him an authority on goal setting and mission success. The challenges you face may not be life and death but our discussion will challenge you to change the habits that are holding you back. We will also give you strategies to improve your character, book suggestions, and principles to enrich your journey.


Special Thanks

Bernard Bergan - Find him on all social media platforms @bernardbergan

The Bernard Bergan podcast.

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Holiday Gift Guide

My Post (14).jpg

Tis the season! Here at AMAS we know finding the perfect gift can be a task, so we decided to give you some inspiration. It doesn’t matter if you are playing Santa or just treating yourself this year. We are confident none of these gift will end up at white elephant gift exchange in 2019.



Because Millennial’s love anything avocado.

BUY $10


Versace - OUD NOIR

Perfect for the fall and winter. Versace Noir is a warm fragrance with oriental woodsy notes and various spices.

BUY $55

bonobos coat.jpg

The Italian Topcoat

Because every other man has a camel, blue or grey Topcoat.

BUY $698

UO Shoes.jpg

Pony Topstar Pe

Touch his soul this season.

BUY $40


Sneakers- Written by journalists Alex French and Howie Kahn, and designed by Rodrigo Corral

Sneakers gathers artists, journos, athletes and celebrated designers and collates their sage sneakerspeak into sneaker culture’s new bible.

As the book’s authors say, ‘Despite our title, this book isn’t really about shoes. Sneakers chronicles creativity and hustle, art and design, big business and bigger dreams, adventure and risk, refining taste and deciding the future, the mindful labour of working together and working alone.’


productivity pplanner.jpg

Productivity Planner.

The Productivity Planner is based on historical leading Productivity Principles and Supported Goals Research that are proven to increase productivity. Stay clear of distractions with the Productivity Planner's simple focused Pomodoro style work system. Rate your productivity at the end of each day and become more effective day by day! Stay on top of your weekly goals and review what happened each week. Everything is non-dated so you don't waste pages like most planners.

BUY $25

tie bars.jpg

A Tie Bar

Find him a tie bar that matches his interest.

BUY $20-30

wisky stones.jpg

Whisky Stones

Make sure his drinks are always on the rocks.

Buy $20


Weekender Hoodie Sweatshirt By Buki Brand

Get started on your new years fitness goals early. This hoodie is breathable, sustainable, and machine-washable.

BUY $228


Mahabis Classic 2

Forget your favorite hotel slippers. These wool slippers 
paired with a vibrant sneaker sole. These highly durable, multi-surface sole are great for everyday.

BUY $ 95

Water bottle.jpg


Nowadays your water bottle needs to be not only functional but it must make a fashion statement as well. The Asobu Flavor U See has it all. So how does it work? Unscrew the middle tritan section pull out one of the infuser filters and fill with fruit, veggies or herbs. Put it back together and fill with water from the top. 

BUY $20


Oar Stripe leather tote bag.

It's not a purse It's a satchel as ASAP Rocky says. Trade in your college backpack for a sleek tote.

BUY $298

leather gloves.jpg

Leather Touchscreen Gloves

Made of the finest Ethiopian lambskin, the glove has been uniquely designed from the ground up to be touchscreen compatible.

BUY $74

Tom Ford.jpeg

Tom Ford Candle

The Tom Ford private blend candle collection features six more of the most celebrated private blend scents: Oud Wood, Tuscan Leather, Tobacco Vanille, Neroli Portofino, White Suede and Café Rose. Encased in exquisite dark brown glass, each candle is composed of the most luxurious ingredients in the making of scented candles.

BUY $98

ping pong.jpg

Lungolinea Glass Ping Pong Table Gold Edition

For the man who has ” everything.” Lungolinea has made the most sleek and stylish transparent game table. Thanks to a series of spectacular inventions it is now possible for even the most competitive professional players to enjoy a game of ping-pong on a table made of glass. With a removable net kit you can transform the table into an elegant dining table or a meeting table that will astonish your guests.

In this Ultra-Premium version, joints and part of the net kit are 24k gold or brushed gold plated.

BUY $27,000

Three Gin Drinks You Should Try || Featuring Joli

A Man About Style brings you a mini guide to Gin. Since Gin is one of the broadest categories of spirits we decided to collaborate with Joli Seattle and Cognac Small Talk host Anthony JR. We will give you a brief history and answer common questions about Gin. If this makes you thirsty don’t worry we included the recipes.



1oz. Apostole’s Argentinian Gin

1oz Campari

1 oz Dolin Rouge Sweet Vermouth

Garnish with Orange Peel

Bucket glass with large sphere 



Joli Gin and Tonic

1.5 oz Bainbridge Doug Fir Gin

.75 Bradley’s Kina Tonic

2 dash lime bitters

3 oz soda water

Tall Collins Glass

Garnish with lime



2oz Big Gin Peated Gin

1 oz lemon

.75 Ginger Syrup

.25 Honey Syrup

Spritz Laphroaig Scotch

Large Sphere in rocks glass

Garnish with lemon peel


About Jolie

 Joli offers elevated food with high quality ingredients in a comfortable and elegant space where our neighbors can relax and have a cocktail and a snack or enjoy a special evening out. Choose from dishes meant for sharing made (flatbreads, house made rillettes, brown bag fries) or go all out with starters (salads, mussels, bruschetta), an entree (Pacific Rockfish, Steak Frites, Risotto and more), or one of our 50 selections of gin. Our full bar focuses on craft cocktails on tap, as well as swanky custom cocktails. Canned beer and wine selections are also available. 


How To Buy A Luxury Bachelor Pad || Featuring Austin Schneider

You have finally decided that living with your momma or five roommates in a trap house wont cut it anymore. In this weeks episode we catch up with one of Seattle’s Real estate stars Austin Schneider. Our conversation spans everything from fashion, how one can own a home with student loans, and the first steps to take toward home ownership. Even if you don’t want to spend half a million for your pad we will show you a luxury condo for inspiration.


Special Thanks

Austin Schneider


Match Outfit to Person | Cut | In The Lineup ( Reaction )

The gang is back together. Four fashion bloggers give you a behind the scene experience on what its like to work with the Cut. Specifically on the project Match outfit to person. Enjoy as they share their perspectives and read entertaining comments from the now seven plus million viewed social experiment.



Stephie Meyer.

I started this blog 2 years ago to mainly talk style, and I've learned in that time that actually, I can have more of an impact and connect with others through my stories. My life has not been perfect. I've made some huge, monumental mistakes, and had to learn things the hard way at times. I've also had many successes and a whole lot of fun, so that's why I've decided to shift gears a bit and focus more on stories and style together. I want to share my genuine raw experiences in hopes that they will enable me to connect, learn, and grow with you guys!

Her Blog


Hector Diaz

I’m a twenty-something from Monterrey, Mexico living the American dream in the US. I live in Seattle and I work in the tech industry. I decided to write a blog because I’m a big fan of style and fashion and I wanted to share this with other people. I like to travel a lot and visit new places. My motto is be bold and let the world hear your voice.

His Blog


Elisa Yip

I’m Elisa (E for short). I was born and raised in New York City and started my fashion design career there almost twenty years ago. I currently live in Seattle with my husband, Peter, and daughter, Kinsley, and LOVE the PNW.

My passion and love for fashion have shown me many adventures.  Through my travels and experiences in the fashion industry, I’m ready to tell my “side” of the story.

As a creative individual with a thirst for inspiration, I’ve created this blog as a space to write all I know about fashion through my daily life  and travels adventures.

Her Blog

Special Thanks:


Suit: Indochino
Get $25 off at Indochino.

Fall Inspiration

It’s the most wonderful time of the year (and no, we are not talking about X-mas or the return of  Pumpkin spice lattes)!. For the fashionisto, fall is a sacred time where one can tout his mastery of textures and layering.

Layering up: the AMAS way

You will want to invest in pieces made of Merino Wool and Cashmere. As far as layers go, cardigans are your friend. The easy hack this season, is to make your outwear the outfit. One simple t-shirt or button up - with jeans and boots - can be elevated with the use of a topcoat, quilted vest or Peacoat. Switch out the jeans with slacks, add a tie with a tie bar, and that’s another sophisticated look for the office. No matter what your style is, make sure your autumn looks are as crisp as the weather. 

Richard Meharry Portraits-Edited-0050.jpg
Richard Meharry Portraits-Edited-0037.jpg
Richard Meharry Portraits-Edited-0009.jpg
Richard Meharry Portraits-Edited-0024.jpg
Richard Meharry Portraits-Edited-0027.jpg
Richard Meharry Portraits-Edited-0010.jpg

The Look:

Coat: HM

Hat: Goorin Bro

Shirt & Cardigan: J. Crew

Jeans: Levi

Boots: Timberland

Special Thanks

Photographer: Aimee Burchard Pearson

A Man About Nordstrom

Here at AMAS we know that shopping can feel ominous at times. So we teamed up with retail giant Nordstrom and the Seattle Gents to give you some wardrobe inspiration. With signature pieces and looks for all occasions rain, sleet or shine you will be looking your best.

Laidback allure

Casually Cool with elements of luxury. Let the pants and the jacket do the talking. - Richard Meharry  

Shop the look

Shearling jacket.jpeg
white T.jpeg
topman pants.jpeg
lace up sneaker.jpeg


It doesn't matter if you're off to the races or not. This look will get you attention at the race track or at the new rooftop bar. If it gets too hot, lose the jacket but not the aesthetic. 

Shop the look

boater hat.jpeg


Travel in style and comfort. Tune out crying babies with some headphones and skip baggage claim with an all-purpose bag. With looks like these you should be on more than one runway.

Shop the look

bomber jacket.jpeg


Shed bad fashion and pounds.

Shop the look

topman sweatshirt.jpeg
nike shirt.jpeg
nike training short.jpeg
red nike shorts.jpeg
running shoe.jpeg
bose over ear.jpeg


Get more use out of your tux by making it casual. This look is casual enough to go to the grocery store and formal enough for events and professional wear.

Shop the look.

merino sweater.jpeg
tux pants.jpeg
trench coat.jpeg
mavado watch.jpeg
common projects.jpeg


This isn't a fashion show. Let them know you mean business when you walk into the boardroom. Remember a tie bar and pocket square will show you care about attention to detail.

Shop the look

jcrew suit.jpeg
the tie bar.jpeg
allen edmonds.jpeg


Inspired by the spirt of the northwest. With a hint of sophistication. Wear the scarf like an ascot or in a triangular fold. We will just let you see for yourselves.

Shop the look.

nordstrom logo.png

The Bravern Fashion Week

A Man About Style celebrates The Shops at The Bravern this September. Bellevue’s luxury shopping center proudly to announced their first ever Fashion Week! Featuring brands like Gucci, Balenciaga, and YSL. The Bravern fashion week was an extravaganza of art, fashion, and design.

Special thanks to The Bravern.

Les Sapeurs Fashion Show

Les Sapeurs Fashion Show was a celebration of fashion and charity. Gustavo Apiti Couture partnered with three other talented designers on the rise. Enjoy as we showcase some of the most esteemed bloggers and designers from the Pacific Northwest.

Showcased Designers: