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How to be fashionable during March Madness || Hillflint Review


Its that time of year when Cheryl in accounting is talking about colleges like North Dakota State being a cinderella and when most men get a vasectomy. Don’t worry we are not going down that road unless its the one that links Duke and UNC. Thats right we are talking March Madness and fashion. In this weeks episode we are reviewing collegiate apparel brand Hillflint. Time to trade in your old greek week t-shirts for a Hillflint sweater.


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Comfortable Men's Underwear || Saxx's Underwear Review

If you are like most men you don't put much thought into your undergarments. In this episode we will give you a framework on what to look for when shopping for underwear. In addition to new found knowledge, menswear blogger Antonio Smith will stop by and help us review Saxx Underwear.

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